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Back stop / for chuck with through-hole upto 76mm


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Lathe chuck back stop for Workpiece or raw material.



The back stop is perfect for setting a fixed component datum when machined component or raw material is mounted deeper than the height of the chuck jaws.
The back stop is design to cut your setting time when changing parts.
It also works great when lathe chuck is mounted on rotary tables (4-axis)


Technical data:

The depth from the front face of the back stop to the bottom face is made with a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm which ensures repeatability of the machined part and makes the datum setting easier.
Inside diameter of the stop for details up to 65mm in diameter.
Back stop for 3-jaw lathe chucks with jaws wide up to 25mm



Back stop is made of strong aluminium and secured with anodized finish which provides good wear-resistance.
6 strong neodymium magnets ensure a constant and strong hold to the lathe chuck.

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Article Number:,,, Set of 3 stops


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