Widely understood CNC machining is one of the two pillars of our company. We constantly invest in technological facilities and highly qualified employees.

We are perfectionists and attention to detail is our priority.

We believe in responsibility and mature relationships with our clients. We appreciate long-term cooperation and the trust that we place in us.

We strive for a master level in the CNC industry. We are ambitious and determined to consistently expand the scope of our activities.

Currently, we offer CNC services CNC turning and CNC milling.

We work on modern, advanced machines of premium brands. We invest in innovative, future-proof solutions.

We perform cnc milling and cnc turning in plastics and metals. We know the challenges faced by the manufacturers at every stage of the machining process and we are prepared for them.

Finished components go through a high quality control - we are satisfied only with the perfect final product and only this is what our client receives.

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As part of CAD / CAM services, we offer two solutions:

  1. Development of technologies as part of a comprehensive order - from presenting a plan to the production of finished parts.
  2. Programming CNC machines using external CAM software - for companies that want to produce components on their own CNC machines.

Regardless of the chosen path of cooperation, we are focused on full process optimization. We know how to talk about customer needs, not only with experienced designers, but also with non-technical people. We know how to go beyond complex industry terms and talk about guidelines in a friendly and understandable way. We use many years of experience to propose solutions that increase production efficiency and safety.

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